Types of Fertilizer

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Types of Fertilizer

First there are 2 big differences in types of fertilizers… Do you chose liquid or granular?

We prefer granular fertilizer over liquid for the following reasons:  Granular is easier to apply than a liquid for most homeowners, and while it may not have the instant green of liquid applications, it will remain in the soil longer than liquids giving you greener grass for a longer period of time.  You also have a broader application time with granular applications than you do with most liquids.

SEED STARTER – Seed starter is only used at the time of establishing a new seeded lawn.  It goes down at time of seed installation.  Germinating seed needs more than average Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium so seed starter is usually high in all 3 of these.  New lawns can be fertilized again 4-8 weeks after seed is installed, but do not continue to use starter fertilizer for this second application. The higher phosphorus content of starter fertilizers is an important nutrient right after your grass seed has germinated, but once established, your lawn no longer needs phosphorus at such a high rate.

PRE-EMERGENT – Pre Emergent is a fertilizer plus an herbicide.  It is used to prevent seed germination and control crabgrass.  This should be applied in early spring.  Because timing is critical (If applied too early, they get washed too deep into the soil or washed away by rainwater. If they are applied too late, the key enzyme inhibited is no longer active) a good rule to follow is when the forsythia are just finishing blooming apply pre-emergent.

WEED AND FEED – Weed ‘n feed is a combination herbicide and fertilizer product which is designed to kill broadleaf weeds and fertilize the grass in a single application.  Can be applied as needed throughout most of the growing season.

TURF BUILDER – If a lawn is doesn’t have weeds as a concern, a turf builder is a good option to use.  This will help feed, strengthen, and promote root growth for the lawn.  It can also be applied as needed though out most of the growing season.

WINTERIZER – Prepare your lawn for the winter season with winterizer. This fall fertilizer will be high in potassium to help promote a quicker green up in spring and help create a stronger, deeper root system.


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