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Strengthen your turf and plants throughout the season with fertilizer and plant food!
In addition to giving your turf and plants the nutrients needed, fertilizer can help reduce common problems such as weed growth, dieses and insects.
Always read the product label prior to use

Spring Pre-Emergent Fertilizer with Crab Grass Control

13-0-0 + .10 Dimension, Biosolids

Covers approximately 12,500 sq ft

Pre-emergent fertilizer with crabgrass preventer is best to be applied in early spring. Fertilize as soon as the dormant grass is at least 50 percent green again.a

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Weed & Feed Turf Fertilizer

22-0-5 + Trimec
Award 22-0-5 granular weed and feed
combines three active ingredients to control
over 200 broadleaf weeds.
Apply when weeds are visible in turf area Covers approximately 12,500 sq ft
50 lb bag

Turf Builder Fertilizer

ProGreen Plus 25-0-4 35% EPEC 20% ORG
17% AmSu

A complete micronutrient package and ammonium sulfate with high sulfur which promotes excellent green up with a long lasting feeding

Environmentally responsible with lower potential for nutrient leaching, denitrification, runoff, or volatilization

Apply to existing lawns during any season

Covers approximately 12,500 sq ft
50 lb bag

Seed Starter Fertilizer with broad leaf weed control

21-22-4 Fertilizer with 0.08% MESOTRIONE® Herbicide

This unique combination of starter fertilizer and Mesotrione herbicide is ideal for use during turf establishment, renovation or overseeding to control selected grassy and broadleaf weeds while providing a high-quality starter fertilizer to promote seedling germination and rapid establishment. Ideal for use when seeding, sodding, sprigging, plugging, overseeding, or reseeding For use on Kentucky Bluegrass, Centipedegrass, tall fescue, fine fescue, and perennial ryegrass Covers approximately 9,500 sq ft This product is intended for professional use, please contact us for application info

40 lb bag

Seed Starter Fertilizer

PrimeraOne 12-12-12 25% XCU Avail® 42% Top Cut

Recommend applying time is when starting a newly seeded lawn

This product is a highly versatile premium mini-sized fertilizer that is ideal for the nutrient demands of top quality turf management. The precise balance of nutrients promotes a superior, sustained color response that produces the visual appeal turf professionals desire.

Covers approximately 12,000 sq ft
50 lb bag

MAXLAWN Natural Lawn Fertilizer 4-3-0 1.5% FE

MAXLAWN Natural Lawn Fertilizer is a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer for use on lawns, trees and shrubs, flower beds, roses, and gardens. The slow-release properties of MAXLAWN Natural Lawn Fertilizer provide consistent feeding for 8-10 weeks without excessive growth or burning. Apply anytime during the growing season to promote healthier soil and water retention.

Covers approximately 2,500 sq ft
36 lb bag

Please call for current pricing

Milorganite Fertilizer 6-4-0

Promotes growth of lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers

Non-burning, slow-release nitrogen

Covers approximately 2,500 sq ft
32 lb bag
Please call for current pricing

Jack’s Fertilizers

Jacks water soluble plant foods available in: All Purpose 20-20-20, Acid Special 17-6-6, Petunia Feed 20- 6-22, Hydrangea Blue 7-3-3 and more!

Starting at $15.99 per 1.5lb tub

Proven Winners Premium Water Soluble Plant Food

The 2.5 lb. container includes a fast-acting and highly soluble formula that starts feeding immediately in container plantings, hanging baskets, window boxes, landscape beds, and even indoor plants.

$15.99 per 1.5lb tub

Proven Winners Premium Continuous

Release Plant Food

For flowering plants This unique fertilizer feeds plants for up to six months with just one application. Simply shake the time-release pellets into the soil at planting (and then again mid-season for extra powerful growth), and enjoy beautiful flowers all season long!



Slow-release fertilizer packets designed to be used at time of planting to deliver nutrients right to the plants root zone Can be used on trees, shrubs and evergreens

$1.00 each

Purple Cow All Purpose Fertilizer

Soluble Plant Food

All-natural and organic BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer is a 4-6-4 granular fertilizer, perfect for any garden. It has been inoculated with specific mycorrhizal fungi that, when added to soil, may improve water and nutrient uptake by plants. All-Purpose Fertilizer is easy to use by either mixing in with your growing media or simply sprinkling on top and watering to work in, and can be used on vegetables, herbs, annual and perennial flowers, as well as in containers or indoor plants. This is a no-worry fertilizer, as it is made with OMRI Listed ingredients

$12.99 per 5lb bag

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