Compost Products



Purple Cow Classic Bulk Compost

  • Purple Cow Classic Compost is a time tested, and proven way to add beneficial microbes, carbon, and balanced nutrients to your soil. Classic Compost improves soil structure and porosity, creating a better plant root environment. It allows plants to more effectively utilize nutrients, while reducing nutrient loss by leaching, and enables soils to retain nutrients longer. Also containing humus, Classic assists in soil aggregation and make nutrients more available for the plant. This 100% plant-based and organic product is OMRI Listed for organic production.
  • $56.00 per yard – picked up price

Purple Cow Activated Compost

  • Activated Compost is made from recycled plant material with an added nutrient blend to feed veggies, trees, lawns, flower beds, and more! This aerobic plant-based compost contains all the biology and organic matter found in nature. It has thousands more species of beneficial bacteria and fungi than are cultured in a lab.  It is OMRI Listed and used in professional agricultural and horticultural organic crop production. It can be used with any soil to replenish existing soils, build organic matter and biological value, and as a component for home crafted growing medias.
  • $ 15.99 / 1 cu ft Bag

Purple Cow All Purpose Veggie Mix

  • All-Purpose Veggie Mix is an organic, all-natural blend of lightweight growing media with peat and perlite for growing hearty and flavorful veggies. This unique blend has better drainage characteristics than denser growing mixes and may naturally increase your plants’ uptake of nutrients and water. It is a ready-to-use mix specifically crafted for the bountiful growth of vegetables in containers, raised boxes and planter pots, and contains enough fertility to take light feeding vegetables through harvest without risking burning younger plants. For heavier feeding plants, we recommend supplementing with BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer.
  • $13.99 / 1 cu ft bag

Blended Soil featuring Purple Cow Compost

  • This is a 50/50 mix of our screened Lawn & Garden Soil and Purple Cow Classic Compost
  • Excellent for most landscaping needs or when starting a large garden area
  • $45.00 per yard picked up price

Purple Cow Potting Mix

  • Potting Mix is ideal for large or small containers for all your flowers and decorative plants. Readily available nutrients not only get your plants off to a good start, but continue to feed your plants long after planting. Potting Mix contains Purple Cow Organics plant-based compost that is rich in organic matter and contains thousands of species of biology. This compost base acts like a sponge, meaning it needs to be watered less than most potting mixes, saving time and water. Potting Mix contains 100% organic ingredients, assuring a safe growing environment.
  • $20.99 / 1.5 cu ft bag

Purple Cow Raised Bed Mix

  • Purple Cow Organics Raised Bed Mix is a growing media for filling raised garden beds that is made from OMRI Listed ingredients and no topsoil or weed seeds. With a compost-base, Raised Bed Mix provides all the benefits of organic matter thanks to the composted green material, including sponge-like qualities which cause the mix to require less watering. Raised Bed Mix is also very customizable to meet the fertility needs of whatever plant you decide to grow! For best results, we recommend Purple Cow Organics BioActive All-Purpose Fertilizer.
  • $17.99 / 1.5 cu ft bag