Design & Landscaping Services

Posted by in Services on Jun 24, 2013

We offer complete plant and tree care services, including large tree planting, pruning, spraying and fertilizing. Whether its new construction or existing, residential or commercial property, we can work with existing plans or provide new ones. All sketches and designs are created specifically for you and your yard. Full landscape designs will reflect your desires and the natural characteristics of the property, taking into account any unique limitations or obstacles.

Full landscape designs start at $100 (price can vary depending on lot size and detail of design).  A plat of survey is required for all landscape designs.  If landscape installation is contracted or plant material on design is purchased from us the design fee will be used as a credit towards work.

We can provide fine grading with seed or sod installation for new lawns, as well as renovating existing problem lawns. We specialize in drainage issues and unique sites that require special care.

We have well-trained specialized landscaping crews for each type of work we perform – grading crews, planting crews, pruning and maintenance crews etc., and a foreman on site for every job.

Please check out the portfolio section for pictures of different landscaping styles and ideas

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